• Register your account.
  • Pick the Competition you want to enter.
  • Choose how many tickets you would like in the draw.
  • Answer questionnaire 
  • Complete payment.
  • You will be emailed with your order number in that draw and also interactively placed onto the competition page with your order number.
  • Once the timer on the competition is complete the draw will go ahead. One random Winner will be picked out via  google random number generator.
  • If the competition is not full, the timer will add some time in order for all the tickets to sell on the competition.
  • This will happen a maximum of 4 times then if the competition is still not sold out a cash alternative will be awarded instead and only the people that have entered will go into the live draw.
  • Certain competition will not have a timer. Live draw only will take place when all tickets will be sold out.
  • The prize can be collect by the winner within 21 working days of the winner being announced. At the moment all prizes are collection only, due to some winners not willing to take pictures. 
  • Winning pictures will be uploaded within 10 days to Winners Gallery.


  • Yes, Win Car guarantee that google random number generator  is totally random and nothing can influence the outcome of a live draw.


  • Each entrant can enter any one competition a maximum of 50 times