How does it works?

When you enter competition you receive order number to your email for example: (#1234567890) the day before live draw takes place we upload entry list to our Android Phone App & Send Out Via Email. You can use our Ticket Search System that can be found from menu list, if you having hard time to look over list to find your ticket number.

If you have entered multiple competitions with one order, your same order number will appear in multiple competition draws, that will have assigned ticket number.

NOTE: order number are absolutely randomly listed in entry list and have no sequence assigned to order number.

Please see image example below of purchasing 3 tickets :

As you see order numbers are numbered with random sequence numbers for example : ( 1. – #1234567890) so it means that when live draw will take place we will add amount of tickets that has been sold to Google random Number generator and if lucky number is 8. it will have randomly assigned order number by our system. As explained above you can see a day before the live draw what is your ticket number are by downloading entry list from our phone app, email or just using ticket search system.

Please note: if you buy multiple tickets, in your email we will only send your main order number for example (#1234567890).


To see amount of tickets that was already sold  and how many left visit our competition page, value of tickets sold and left updates automatically after each purchase of ticket.